VI Estonian Gymnastics for All festival THE GIFT 2021

“General Terms and Conditions” regulated by the Estonian Sports Association KALEV

Mustamäe tee 4, 10621 Tallinn, Estonia

  1. Registration of participants to VI Estonian Gymnastics for All festival The GIFT” (hereinafter Festival) takes place through club, institution or federation (hereinafter Sender). An individual has the right to register on behalf of club, institution or federation if authorized representative has given permission to do so.

  1. Registrant (group leader) confirms by registering, that he/she and Participants (group members) registrated by him/her do not have any health complaints that would make their participation medically undesirable or dangerous to their health.

  1. Participants undertake to accept and abide by the rules of procedure and safety requirements of the venues and accommodation establishments.

  1. In the case of school accommodation, Estonian Sport Association KALEV (Herinafter: Organizer) has the right to demand a fee from the Registrant/Sender for causing material damage for intentional or unintentional violation of school property.

  1. Re-registration or late registration will not be possible after deadlines.

  1. During Festival, all Participants are responsible for their security and property. Participants are due diligence for their luggage, equipment or other similar items.

  1. Organizer has right to take photos and videos during Festival. Organizers record and process recordings for media coverage. Participant in same activity for personal use only.

  1. The entry or change of a different billing address after the invoice has been issued, or the resending of an issued invoice, is subject to a processing fee up to 3.00 €, which has to be payed by Registrant.

  1. The Organizer has the right to demand a reminder fee and late payment interest from the Registrant for the delay of the transfer.

  1. To prevent errors and misunderstanding the Registrant and Participants are asked to duplicate and carry important documents in hard copy, e.g. proof of payment, identity document, ticket, European Health Insurance Card, etc.

  1. The wristband of Festival is personal and non-transferable. Passing them on to others and making copies is prohibited. Replacing with a new Festival wristband is allowed for a processing fee of up to 15.00 €. The Festival wristband can be changed only on the basis of identity card. Damaged wristband will be given to Organizer during the exchange. The new wristband will be attached to Participant by Organizer during the exchange.

  1. Not more than 30 days before the Festival, 80% of the participation fee will be refunded to the Participant or Sender, if the Participant decides not to participate in  the Festival. In the case of hotel accommodation, the participation fee will be refunded after the conditions of certain hotel. 

  2. Organizer’s obligations during Festival in Festival area:

    1. meets the conditions set by the police, rescue board, environmental board and other authorities;

    2. ensures the safety of Participants and, if necessary, medical care;

    3. provides Participants with access to a toilet;

    4. interrupts or change Festival if there is a significant, increased or immediate danger to the life or health of Participants. Depending on the cause of threat or disorder, also inform the relevant state supervisory authority or person (law enforcement authority) of the relevant fact;

    5. if necessary organizes traffic closures, detours and parking;

    6. ensures access to buildings or real estate and compliance with fire safety and rescue requirements provided by legislation;

    7. ensures compliance with the general requirements for conduct, the rules of good order and the waste management rules, and to clean the area after Festival.